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A bar napkin inspiration turned into a fast growing business - focusing on supplying customers efficently at a value price. The crew at Aardvark Supply LLC have spent decades watching customers receive lousy service from other small businesses. At Aardvark Supply small business doesn't mean little service! It means simple purchasing with no hassles. Aardvark Supply views the procurement world differently. 

Working with some of the best brands we focus in makets that our team is familar and has experience. This allows us to offer a selection of products and services saving you time.

Thank you for supporting our small business.


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Our team has worked together over a decade and in that time we have helped individuals, small businesses, larger corporations, and non-profit organizations with procurement.

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The Aardvark Team maintains the highest ethical standards and is committed to helping people that may be less fortunate. We believe in being transparant with our customers so you can have confidence when partnerine with Aardvark Supply LLC.

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Experience in many verticals allows us to source product world-wide and offer you a broad selection of products and brands. We have an extensive line card of offerings.

 It's a matter of perspective. Aardvark Supply has the experience to deliver results, even when life is going sideways.

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Not everyone has experiece problem solving - Aardvark Supply's team 

of professionals enjoy providing solutions in today's chaotic World.

Best selection of products - value - service

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